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Learning outcomes: To acquire a detailed knowledge of the black letter law of contracts and the ability to use that knowledge in problem-solving analytical reasoning.

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The Basics of the Bargain Theory

August 23

Reading: Dougherty v. Salt

Tutorial: Consideration 1

Case tutorial: Dougherty v. Salt

PowerPoint: Consideration Basics Additional class hypotheticals
Voice over PowerPoint: consideration flow chart Download consideration flow chart

August 25

Nominal Consideration

Reading: Schnell v. Nell

Case tutorial: Schnell v. Nell

Tutorial: Consideration 2

Reading: Linder v. Mid-Continent

PowerPoint: Nominal Consideration

August 26

Illusory Promises

Reading:In Re Zappos

Case tutorial: In re Zappos

Reading: Wickham v. Farmers' Lumber

Case tutorial: Wickham v. Farmers' Lumber

The Implied Promise Solution

Tutorial: Consideration 3

Reading: Wood v. Lucy Lady Duff-Gordon

Case tutorial: Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon

PowerPoint: Illusory Promises Hypotheticals

August 30

Reading: Laclede Gas Co. v. Amoco

Case tutorial: Laclede Gas Co. v. Amoco

PowerPoint: UCC 2-306 and Laclede

Summary of modern law

The Preexisting Duty Rule

Tutorial: Consideration 4

September 1

Reading: De Cicco v. Schweizer

Case tutorial: De Cicco v. Schweizer

Reading: Lingenfelder v. Wainwright

Case tutorial: Lingenfelder v. Wainwright

PowerPoint: Preexisting duty rule

September 2

Reading: Angel v. Murray

Case tutorial: Angel v. Murray

PowerPoint: Angel v. Murray

September 6

Giving Up a Legal Claim as Consideration

With the exception of some brief comments, I will leave this topic mostly to the tutorials.

Tutorial: Consideration 5

Reading: Springstead v. Nees

Case tutorial: Springstead v. Nees

Reading: Mullen v. Hawkins

Flowchart: Giving up a claim
Flowchart: Debt settlement
PowerPoint: Debts and claims

Promissory Estoppel

tutorial: Consideration 6

Reading: Central London Property Trust v. High Trees House

Case tutorial: Central London Property Trust v. High Trees House

PowerPoint: Promissory Estoppel

Moral Obligation as Consideration

Tutorials: Consideration 7

Reading: Webb v. McGowin

PowerPoint: Moral obligaton as consideration

September 8

The Old Law on Benefit and Detriment as Consideration

Reading: Hammer v. Sidway

Benefit Detriment PowerPoint


The Objective Intent Test

Reading: Embry v. Hargardine-McKittrick

Case tutorial: Embry v. Hargardine-McKittrick

September 9


The Objective Intent Test

Reading: Embry v. Hargardine-McKittrick

Case tutorial: Embry v. Hargardine-McKittrick

tutorials: Interpretation 1, Interpretation 2

Download interpretation flow chart
Objective Intent Test PowerPoint Power to the People Hypothetical

September 13

The Hypothetical Intent Test

PowerPoint: Ambiguity

Tutorials: Interpretation 3,

Reading: Spaulding v. Morse

Case tutorial: Spaulding v. Morse

Hypothetical Intent Test PowerPoint

September 15

Other Approaches to Ambiguity

Tutorials: Interpretation 4, Interpretation 5

Reading: Berwick and Smith v. Salem

PowerPoint: Trade usage and Restatement 201
PowerPoint: Review questions--consideration and intepretation

September 16


The Expectation Measure

Basic requirement

Tutorial: Remedies 1

Reading: Hawkins v. McGee

Case tutorial: Hawkins v. McGee

PowerPoint: The expectation measure of damages
Sample exam question

September 20

The Duty to Mitigate

Reading:Rockingham Cty. v. Luten Bridge

Case tutorial: Rockingham Cty. v. Luten Bridge

Tutorials: Remedies 2

Mitigation PowerPoint
Longer hypothetical
Sowlefully yours

Hawkins, Tony, Luten Bridge PowerPoint

September 22


Tutorials: Remedies 3

Remedies 4

Reading: Hadley v. Baxendale

Case tutorial: Hadley v. Baxendale

Doctrinal Foreseeability PowerPoint

September 23

Foreseeability: Information and control
Foreseeability information and control PowerPoint

September 27

Reading: EVRA v. Swiss Bank

Case tutorial: EVRA v. Swiss Bank

EVRA PowerPoint

Review PowerPoint

Proving Damages

Reading: Rambola v. Cosindas

Tutorial: Remedies 5

Proof requirement PowerPoint
Longer hypotheticals
Ed and Sally

September 29

UCC: Seller Breach, Buyer Damages

Tutorials: Seller Breach I

Seller Breach II

UCC buyer's damages: examples

UCC sections: 2-712, 2-713, 2-714

September 30

UCC: Buyer Breach, Seller Damages

Reading: Neri v. Retail Marine

Tutorials: Buyer Breach I, Buyer Breach II

UCC seller's damages: examples
UCC sections: 2-706, 2-708

October 4

Reliance Damages

Tutorial: Remedies 6

Reading: Security Stove v. American Railway Express

Case tutorial: Security Stove v. American Railway Express

Reliance Damages PowerPoint

October 6

Liquidated Damages

Tutorial: Remedies 7

Tutorial: Remedies 8

Reading:Truck Rent-A-Center v. Puritan Farms

PowerPoint: Liquidated damages
Extended hypothetical

October 7

Specific performance

Tutorial: Remedies 12

Reading: Laclede v. Amoco

Specific performance PowerPoint
Laclede v. Amoco PowerPoint

October 11

Cost of Completion Measure

Reading: Peevyhouse v. Garland Goal

tutorials: Remedies 9, Remedies 10, Remedies 11

Peevyhouse v. Garland Coal PowerPoint
Ways of measuring value

October 13--no class

October 14--no class

October 18


Reading: Osteen v. Johnson

Case tutorial: Osteen v. Johnson

tutorials: Remedies 13, Remedies 14, Remedies 15

Restitution PowerPoint

October 20

Material Breach

Tutorial: Remedies 16

Reading: K & G Construction v. Harris

K and G construction PowerPoint
Review Questions PowerPoint

October 21


Reading: Walker & Co. v. Harrison

Walker and Co. v. Harrison PowerPoint

Tutorial: Remedies 17,

Rescission PowerPoint

Excuse of Performance

Cure PowerPoint
Excuse 1

Reading: UCC 2-508, UCC 2-601, UCC 2-612

A 2-508 example: 2015 exam and answer key

2015 exam 2015 exam answer key

October 25


Reading: Hochster v. De La Tour

Hochster v. De La Tour PowerPoint

Tutorial: Excuse 2

Reading: Hathaway v. Sabin

Reading: UCC 2-609

Sowle Brill virus hypothetical
Sowle Brill snowstorm hypothetical


Tutorial: Excuse 3

Reading: UCC 2-608, 2-612

Hathaway v. Sabin and UCC 2-609 PowerPoint

October 27


Reading: Taylor v. Caldwell

Tutorial Excuse 4

Reading: Transatlantic Financing v. U. S.


Reading: Krell v. Henry

Tutorial: Excuse 5

Taylor v. Caldwell PowerPoint
Impracticability and frustration PowerPoint
Impracticability and Frustration: Information and Control

October 28

Mutual Mistake

Reading: Griffith v. Brymer

Tutorial: Excuse 6

Mutual Mistake, Griffith v. Brymer

November 1

Assigning the Risk

Reading: Sherwood v. Walker, Wood v. Boynton

Sherwood v. Walker, Wood v. Boynton PowerPoint

Tutorial: Excuse 7

Unilateral Mistake

tutorial: Excuse 8

Reading: Elsinore Union School District v. Kastoroff

Unilateral mistake PowerPoint

Duress and Unconscionability

Tutorial: Excuse 9, Duress

Tutorial: Excuse 10, Unconscionability

Reading: Henningsen v. Bloomfield Motors

Unconscionability PowerPoint
Unconscionability hypos

November 3

Offer and Acceptance

Definitions of Offer and Acceptance

Tutorials: Offer and Acceptance 1

Offer and Acceptance 2

Reading: Lefkowitz v. Minne. Surplus Store

Traditional offer and acceptance PowerPoint

The Manner of Acceptance

tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 3

Reading: Davis v. Jacoby, Klockner v. Green

Manner of Acceptance

November 4

Duration of Offers: Termination and Revocation

Mostly via the tutorials

No reading

tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 4

Irrevocable Offers

Reading: Petterson v. Pattberg

tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 5

Reading: Drennan v. Star Paving Co.

Revokabiity and irrevocability PowerPoint

November 8

The Mailbox Rule

tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 6

Reading: Lewis v. Browning

Mailbox rule PowerPoint

The Mirror-Image Rule

Reading: Ardente v. Horan

Mirror image rule PowerPoint

Tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 7

Reading: Poel v. Brunswick-Balke-Collender

Poel v. Brunswick-Balke-Collender

November 10

UCC 2-207

Reading:UCC 2-207

Tutorial: UCC 2-207

UCC 2-207 PowerPoint
Sowle and Santana hypothetical

Silence As Acceptance

Tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 8

Silence as Acceptance PowerPoint

November 11

Promissory Estoppel As A Cause Of Action

Reading: Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores

tutorial: Offer and Acceptance 9

Promissory estoppel as a cause of action PowerPoint
Review: 4 PowerPoint
Review: the 2014 exam

November 15

Written Contracts, Parol Evidence

Statute of Frauds

Reading: Notes on the Statute of Frauds

Review: 4 PowerPoint

Basic Parol Evidence Rule

Reading: Mitchill v. Lath, UCC 2-202

tutorial: Parol Evidence 1

Basic Parol Evidence Rule PowerPoint

November 17

Complete Integration and Scope

Complete integration and scope PowerPoint
Sowle shoes
Cirque du Sowle review

Tutorials: Parol Evidence 2, Parol Evidence 3

Reading: Lee v. Seagram & Sons

November 18

Entire Agreement Clauses and Contradictions

tutorial: Parol Evidence 4

2014 exam (the essay questions at the end

November 22

Interpreting Written Agreements

Using parol evidence to interpret written agreements: PowerPoint

tutorial: Parol Evidence 6

Reading: Dannan Realty v. Harris

Tutorials only

Course of Dealing, Course of Performance, Trade Usage

tutorial: Parol Evidence 5

Dannan Realty v. Harris PowerPoint
2011 exam for review

November 29

Review no reading

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